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Entertainment Data Hub API Overview

The API provides a powerful search of movies, games and TV series using multiple filters including availability on streaming services, year of release, ratings and more. Metadata and a poster for each game or movie title is returned as well as deep information about TV series and their seasons and episodes. There is also a Data Match Endpoint to input your own title details and match them to IVA’s professionally curated data set as well as an ID Match Endpoint to get IVA data based on 3rd party IDs such as IMDb, TMDb, etc.

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Enterprise Entertainment Data for the Prosumer

Internet Video Archive provides celebrity, movie, game and TV metadata, extensive poster art and still image catalogs, trailers and clips to enterprise companies from Fortune 50 to start ups. To meet the needs of new developers and prosumers, IVA is offering a subset of its data for Rapid API for non-commercial use. For commercial use and to access our full data and rich media catalogs, please contact us at sales@internetvideoarchive.com.

The movie, TV and game data that gets returned provides a strong base data set to create proof of concepts or for student projects. It is also good to use if you have your own entertainment data and want to fill it in more or clean open source data against a professionally curated database. You have powerful search functionality allowing you to run queries for example of TV shows that are available on streaming services or movies with a release date greater than today. With the response will be an ID for a poster and you can use the Image API to extract a main poster where available.

Internet Video Archive has won API World's Best Media API in 2016 and was one of the first entertainment based companies to build APIs. Our goal was to provide enough data for developers to try their hand at building out new content discovery methods as we are in the era of content confusion. We look forward to seeing what people build so please share with us any of your projects built using the Entertainment Data Hub API. Should you have any questions or need help, feel free to reach out to us. Enjoy!

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