Intellexer Natural Language Processing and Text Mining
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Intellexer Natural Language Processing and Text Mining API Documentation

Intellexer API includes natural language processing solutions for sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, summarization, keywords extraction, document comparison, file conversion, natural language interface for search engines, language detection, spell-checking, article and concepts extraction, etc.

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GETNamed Entity Recognition from urls
POSTNamed Entity Recognition from files
POSTNamed Entity Recognition from texts
GETComparison of urls
POSTComparison of texts
GETSummarization of urls
POSTSummarization of files
POSTSummarization of texts
GETConcept Extraction from urls
POSTConcept Extraction from files
POSTConcept Extraction from texts
POSTNatural Language Interface
POSTLanguage Recognition
GETText Extraction from urls
POSTText Extraction from files
POSTSpelling Correction
POSTSentiment Analysis
GETNamed Entity Recognition from urls

Load named entities (personal names, names of organizations, geographical locations, positions/occupations, etc.) from a document from a given URL.

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