Summarization -Index -Summary -Part of Speech
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Summarization -Index -Summary -Part of Speech API Documentation

Summarize the content of a web page. Returns a summary, the parts of speech for each sentence, the extracted HTML, and the content make up of the page.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) gives the system the ability to find the content on the page, but Natural Language Understanding (NLU) enables that content to be classified, and ranked.

EnElYou uses a proprietary NLP engine that is faster than any competitor, and maintains high accuracy rates.

The synonym and concept engine allows content to be summarized ranking more than keywords. Concepts and Topics influence ranking.

Unlike other API's Character counts are very precise. The engine will do its best to get the best summary possible with in the character counts.

The "Reauthor" feature rewrites some portions of summaries to make them more concise.

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POSTEnElYou Summarization -Index -Summary -Part of Speech

Summarizes content from HTML by extracting the content from the page and then scoring each sentence.

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