E-mail Check Invalid or Disposable Domain
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E-mail Check Invalid or Disposable Domain Overview
Easily check if a certain e-mail address is valid. Is it a valid domain? Is the e-mail a temporary/disposable e-mail? That's a common indicator of spamming/trolling, so now there's an API for you so you can easily block it!
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Easily check if an e-mail is valid, or check for disposable e-mail!

The API was recently updated, and is now much quicker, and returns more information about which MX record was tested, etc.
Using this API you can easily check if an e-mail address is valid. The API will quickly check MX-pointers and find out if the mailserver is valid.
This way, you can easily catch typos in e-mails in signup forms, for example "someone@hootmail.com" which will return a "valid: false" since that domain doesn't accept e-mails.
You can also block temporary e-mail addresses or block disposable mails! The API has a built in blacklist and multiple heuristic methods of checking if a domain is used for temporary disposable e-mails.

The API response now includes things like:
reason: Blacklist
mxhost: mail.mailinator.com mxinfo: Using MX pointer mail.mailinator.com from DNS with priority: 10

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