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Personator API Overview

Personator is a flexible API with amazing capabilities. With as little as a name and address, phone number or email, you can:

Verify, Standardize & Update Contacts:

• Verify customer identity by matching a name to an address to prevent fraud

• Validate and correct U.S. address data using Advanced Address Correction (AAC), which verifies that addresses are accurate and deliverable

• Enhance U.S. and Canadian address records with ZIP+4/Postal Code level for target marketing, logistics and analytics

• Update the addresses of U.S. and Canadian customers/prospects that have moved with 10+ years of history and millions of move records

• Append missing name, address, e-mail, phone number information to records

Add Demographics and Firmographics to records:

• Date of Birth

• Deceased Information

• Gender

• Presence of Children

• Number of Adults

• Marital Status

• Home Owner/Renter

• Household Income (Range)

• Length of Residence

• Occupation

• Add examples of firmographic elements

For documentation, swagger interfaces or code samples, visit our Developer Portal.

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