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Barcode Lookup API Overview

Barcode Lookup's API provides 34 unique product data fields including product information, attributes, descriptions, features, images, store pricing and more!

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Barcode Lookup's API is used by a number of industries, including:

  1. E-commerce stores
  2. Marketplaces
  3. Logistics companies
  4. App Developers
  5. Pricing comparison apps
  6. CRMs
  7. Data Analytics companies
  8. Search engines

Here are some use cases for our API:

  1. Missing product data
  2. Product / data verification
  3. Price strategizing / competitor analysis
  4. Data entry automation – instead of manually entering product data, clients will scan an item or enter it’s UPC / EAN, and data is populated through the API
  5. Product classification / categorization

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