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Chomp - Food Nutrition Database Overview
Quickly and efficiently retrieve high-quality data on over 535,000 food products. We provide nutrition labels, ingredients, diet compatibility, barcodes, and more. Use a barcode or product name to retrieve detailed data. Check out our website for more information.
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Chomp - Food Nutrition Database API

Chomp was built to deliver high quality food product data to consumers everywhere. Our data is commercially licensed and readily available via our powerful API.

Use the API to retrieve nutritional information (and more) for individual products or to get a list of products using any combination of our search query parameters. Retrieve barcodes, nutrition labels, ingredients, allergen warnings, trace ingredients, compatible health diets, brands, countries, categories, keywords, minerals, and vitamins for over 535,000 food products. Read more on the API homepage.


Data Provided

  • Countries of origin
  • Brands
  • Nutrition labels
  • Barcodes and UPCs
  • Product package photos
  • Ingredients
  • Trace ingredients
  • Ingredients that may cause allergic reactions
  • Ingredients made from palm oil
  • Product categories
  • Keywords
  • Ingredients that are unsuitable for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free diets.
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
Example Uses
All known products that include ingredients from cheese.
Products in the United States with trans fat on the nutrition label.
Organic products with a nut allergen warning.
Products made by Kraft that include ingredients from milk.
Pasta dishes that are vegetarian friendly.
Products that include Beta Carotene from palm oil.
Products with naturally flavored ingredients that also have a trace of eggs.
Plant based products that include Vitamin B6.
All known products that contain iron.
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