Elophant League of Legends
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Elophant League of Legends API Documentation

LOL Champion and Summoner Stats. To consume a service, perform a GET request on api.elophant.com/v2//. Remember, you must include your developer key for authentication (?key=).

Each developer is currently rate-limited to 1,000 calls every 15 minutes. We highly discourage making an unreasonable amount of requests (100 calls/second).

All calls now return the proper content-type for Json. Also, the number of requests remaining has been added to the header. This value is updated immediately.

The regions we current support include: NA, EUW, EUNE, and BR.

Learn more about this API
GETGET find_team
GETGET in_progress_game_info
GETGET leagues
GETGET rune_pages
GETGET mastery_pages
GETGET summoner
GETGET summoner_team_info
GETGET team_end_of_game_stats
GETGET team_ranked_stats
Internal Methods
GETGET champions
GETGET items
GETGET find_team

Returns a brief overview of a team, including gameType dependent tiers and divisions, the current roster, and basic match history statistics. Use this method only if and when teamId is not known or cannot be found another way. When requesting a team tag or name with a space,...



Header Parameters
Code Snippet
Install SDK
Response Example

Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

OAuth2 Authentication
Client ID
Client Secret
OAuth2 Authentication