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Mussa Studios QR Code API Overview

Developer-friendly, fast, full-featured, and well-documented QR code generation API.

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Mussa Studios QR Code API


Create anything from simple black and white QR codes, to extensively styled, colorful codes with logos. Use our free tier to create your perfect QR code today!

Here are some examples of what the API can do! Go ahead and try scanning these QR codes, and click on each to see the request body used to generate the code.

What makes us different

Developer Experience

We strive to provide frictionless development and integration experience.

We have full OpenAPI documentation, tips on how to best use QR codes, and GitHub repository to create feature requests or ask for help.


We know there are many options for generating QR codes. We periodically review competing offerings, and are constantly adding
features to ensure that you will always have the most comprehensive solution.

Performance and reliability

We take latency and availability seriously. Your site or app should not make your users wait for a QR code.

To ensure the lowest possible latency we run in AWS cloud, co-located with RapidAPI.

Our availability record, monitored by independent third party, is publicly available.

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