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Proxy Detection API Documentation

Proxy Rotator is the world's first enterprise grade proxy ip rotation service. HTTPS proxies on a combination of over 26 million Residential, Private and Public Exclusive IP's. It's Easy to Use, Reliable and used by 1000's of Businesses daily.

The Proxy Detection API can detect if an IP address is, or has ever been, related to a proxy. With a database of over 26,000,000 worldwide proxies our probability of detecting a proxy based upon the ip address is unmatched. This API is useful for many scenario's such as reducing fraud on e-commerece sites, protecting your site from automated hacking attempts (XSS,SQLi,brute force), Prevent promotional offer abuse (multiple signups), limiting access on proxy IPs (prevent password / email changes) and many more uses!

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GETProxy Detection API
GETProxy Detection API

API will detect if an ip address is related to a proxy of any kind. Checks through a database of over 26 million proxies.


Authentication is required in each request.

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{ "status": "proxyDetected", "proxy": "", "ip": "", "port": "9999", "type": "elite", "lastChecked": 1487338672, "get": true, "post": true, "cookies": true, "referer": true, "userAgent": true, "country": "CN", "currentThreads": 1, "threadsAllowed": 1 }

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