Twinword Text Analysis Bundle
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Twinword Text Analysis Bundle Overview
One API for all your text analysis needs. Sentiment Analysis, Topic Tagging, Lemmatizer, and much more. Various NLP tools all with one plan. Use natural language processing to analyze and understand human sentences.
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Twinword Text Analysis Bundle

One API for all your text analysis needs. Sentiment Analysis, Topic Tagging, Lemmatizer, and much more. Various NLP tools all with one plan. Use natural language processing to analyze and understand human sentences.

Included API List

  1. Word Associations

  2. Sentiment Analysis

  3. Topic Tagging

  4. Text Classification

  5. Category Recommendation

  6. Lemmatizer

  7. Language Scoring

  8. Word Dictionary

  9. Visual Context Graph

  10. Word Quiz

  11. Text Similarity

Full API Overviews

Word Associations

More than just synonyms. Get related words like 'cats' and 'dogs' too! Find synonyms and related words for one word or a phrase.

Word Associations - Free Tool & API Demo

Sentiment Analysis

Is this comment positive or negative?

Find out the tone of a user comment or post.

Sentiment Analysis - Free Tool & API Demo

Interpreting the Score and Ratio of Sentiment Analysis

Our Sentiment Analysis API demo is a good place to try out our text analysis API’s ability to find the tone of a sentence or paragraph. This is useful if you have a large amount of user responses or reviews and you want to quickly find the negative comments to see what your customers don’t like and vice versa.

However, our API gives you more power than that. Besides just reading the type response ('negative', 'neutral', or 'positive'), you can actually determine for yourself what you consider positive or negative. Below we will explain two useful information, score and ratio, that our API returns for each text analyzed.


The score indicates how negative or positive the overall text analyzed is. Anything below a score of -0.05 we tag as negative and anything above 0.05 we tag as positive. Anything in between inclusively, we tag as neutral.

Since we have provided the actual scores we used determine the type, you are free to reject our interpretation and interpret the actual scores yourself and create your own negative and positive minimum scores.


The ratio is the combined total score of negative words compared to the combined total score of positive words, ranging from -1 to 1. Take the below for example.

  • Let’s say we are analyzing words A, B, C and D.

  • Scenario 1) If words A and B are negative words having a combined total score of -5.0 and words C and D are positive words having a combined total score of 5.0, then the ratio would be 0 (or 1:1) as both sides are balanced.

  • Scenario 2) If negative words have a total combined score of -5.0 while positive words have a total combined score of 2.5, then the ratio would be -0.667 (or 2:1).

  • Scenario 3) If negative words total -5.0 and positive words total 0.0, then the ratio would be -1 (or 1:0).

In the end, the score and ratio allows you to go beyond what we think is negative or what we think is positive. In your code, you can consider the impact of the score or the impact of the ratio, or even combine them all to set your own positive and negative thresholds to suit your application.

Maybe your users are generally very negative? You can, for example, instead of using our interpretation that less than -0.05 is negative and more than 0.05 is positive, you can write your own algorithm that says below -0.9 is negative and above -0.8 is positive.

Take a look at our demo and try it out yourself.

Topic Tagging

What are the topics and keywords?

Automatically generate topics and keywords for articles and blogs.

Topic Tagging - Free Tool & API Demo

The Possibilities

Topic generation and tagging may be a common task for us, but it is a huge challenge for computers, mainly because computers do not understand languages. How many applications will benefit if computers start to understand text like humans?

With this tool, news feeders can easily classify their contents and advertisers can also place ads on the web in a more relevant way, matching the content of web pages to the advertiser's industry. Twinword Topic Tagging API does more than just extract keywords from the given text. Based on contextual language understanding, the Topic Tagging API is able to generate human-like topics even without the presence of that particular word in the context.

Text Classification

Suggest related categories for each blog, article, or post.

Text Classification - Free Tool & API Demo

Custom Taxonomy

Contact our team to customize this API with custom taxonomies for your business needs.

Category Recommendation

Recommend highly related categories for e-commerce and other uses.

Category Recommendation - Free Tool & API Demo

The Possibilities

Products frequently change and new ones emerge. How do we increase the visibility of relevant categories or products to a shopper or blog reader?

One research company found that if the users used a site's search function to locate their target content on a site, a mere 20% of them continued browsing after they found their target content. On the other hand, if the users used the category links to search, 62% continued browsing the site. Users who utilized category links ended up looking at almost 10 times as many non-target content pages as compared to those who used the search function.

Twinword Category Recommendation API identifies related product categories to customers to promote cross selling. We understand how people associate a category or a product with another in their minds.

Contact our team to customize this API with custom taxonomies for your business needs.


'Dogs' to 'dog', 'abilities' to 'ability'…

Get the root form of a word.

Lemmatizer - Free Tool & API Demo

Language Scoring

What's the difficulty level of this article?

Evaluate the difficulty level of a word, sentence, or paragraph and compare it with another.

Language Scoring - Free Tool & API Demo

Word Dictionary

A dictionary and so much more!

Rich information for a word with definitions, associations, examples, and much more.

Word Dictionary - Free Tool & API Demo

Visual Context Graph

Build a graph with words connected to other words.

Diagram information for visualizing concepts or mind maps.

Visual Context Graph - Free Tool & API Demo

The Possibilities

With diagram information, concepts and mind maps can be built showing how words connect with each other.

The map you see here is generated using the diagram data from Twinword and D3.js, a JavaScript library for producing dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers.

Visit D3.js

Word Quiz

Vocabulary test with levels and exam-specific words (SAT, GMAT, etc).

Customized word association quiz for game and e-learning software.

Word Quiz - Free Tool & API Demo

The Possibilities

Using this word quiz, Twinword's Levelpump provides vocabulary tests with groups of related words (for example, 'beer' related to bar, alcohol, coffee whereas 'coffee' is related to hot, drink, cup). Word associations is very effective to vocabulary learning because it helps people to understand words quickly and memorize them effectively.

Just select which word is most closely related to the given group of words.

Visit Levelpump Vocabulary Test Online

Text Similarity

Evaluate the similarity of two words, sentences, or paragraphs.

Text Similarity - Free Tool & API Demo

The Possibilities

This API combined with other APIs are what powers the keyword research tool Twinword Ideas.

Please note that this keyword suggestion API does not provide the same results as the results you would get using the Twinword Ideas keyword tool. For example, there are no parameters to control the location or language. This is because the actual keyword tool combines this API along with other APIs (not publicly listed) to provide the full-featured results seen there.

We hope to enhance this API as we move forward and will roll out more options in the future as they become publicly available.

Visit www.twinword.com/ideas to see the tool!

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