Human Like Sentiment Analysis for Hotel Reviews
By unicornNLP
Updated 3 months ago
Human Like Sentiment Analysis for Hotel Reviews Overview
Unicorn NLP develops dedicated technology for travel reviews. More profound than Watson and more accurate than Google in the travel domain. We cover more than 90% of information/facts contained within the review which is far far better than any tech available. Testing it on hundreds of thousands of reviews (from 10 different sources), we achieved very high accuracy (precision=90-95%, recall=70-85%). For the API tech description, see our website: For a detailed list of semantic models detected, contact us: Human-like Analysis for Hotel Reviews (and the On-Premise version AI In-the-Box for Hotel Reviews) consists of 124 Semantic Models. Each Semantic model was specially designed, built, tested, and re-tested on hundreds of thousands of accommodation reviews from 10 different sources (Booking, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Trivago, Airbnb, HostelWorld, etc.). We call it Human-like Analysis because with these parameters we achieve the same quality as detected by skilled analysts (humans). It opens up a lot of new functionalities that can be easily combined with your product without any post-processing or additional training on your data. See what can be done with this technology: On RapidAPI, only Human-like Analysis for Hotel Reviews is available in the SaaS model. If you need different domains (Hostel, Apartment, Restaurant, Airline, Tours&Guide Reviews), see our website: You can also get the On-Premise version (AI In-the-Box) with no maintenance fee and with 0 cents/text. The On-Premise version is also mastered on your data and you get even better accuracy than on the RapidAPI. You can use this technology as a standalone without any linguistic or machine learning skills, or augment your already functioning machine learning solutions. To order AI In-the-Box for Any Travel Reviews or test it for free on your data, contact us:
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