Human Like Sentiment Analysis for Hotel Reviews
By unicornNLP
Updated 5 months ago

Human Like Sentiment Analysis for Hotel Reviews API Documentation

The Next-generation of Sentiment Analysis, Keywords, Topics and Categories. 124 Semantic models designed especially for hotel reviews. With this unique approach, we cover more than 90% of information/facts contained within the review. Testing it on hundreds of thousands of reviews, we achieved very high accuracy (precision=95%) We call it Human-like Analysis because with these parameters we achieve the same quality as detected by skilled analysts (humans). It opens up a lot of new functionalities that can be easily combined with your product without any post-processing, additional training or configuration to your data. To learn more what can be done with this technology, visit our webiste: http://unicornnlp.com/?solutions-in-travel

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Next-generation of Sentiment Analysis, Keywords, Topic and Categories. Very high precision (90-95%). Gives back detailed human-like structured data from hotel reviews in simple form (category, aspect, feature, polarity). Unlocks the hidden power of your Reviews. More info and ...

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