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a3This may help you. http://billpatrianakos.me/blog/2016/02/15/securing-api-keys-in-a-javascript-single-page-app/
Sat 2:2211/1/20
a1Hello, I found a tutorial that could help you achieve this. Also when you have a moment send me an email: support@boundaries-io.com Thanks! https://codeshare.co.uk/blog/how-to-style-the-google-maps-popup-infowindow
Fri 12:5515/2/19
a1Sorry for this issue, the hosting provider mashape is having issues with the proxies to our webservers. The System should be responsive momentarily .
Fri 12:5215/6/18
a1Hello Ajai, Can you send us a quick email support@boundaries-io.com. we support postal district, sector, and unit. but not postal area. However, we could implement this to support your use case.
Wed 4:5029/11/17
a2Hello, Please use the endpoint ../rest/v1/public/boundary/uk/districts?postal-district=TW12 output: https://gist.github.com/boundaries-io/d7ecd5157438a36e37fe864cbb0b9856
Wed 8:3411/10/17
a2Hello! Thanks for using our API, can you send me a quick email support@boundaries-io.com for a quicker response have some more questions so we can implement exactly whats in your example link at foxtons.co.uk , this looks like it contains the boundary only with no postal codes, and ability to query by 'town', etc . Right now you can query by district, sector, and unit codes. for example : ./rest/v1/public/boundary/uk?postal-district=W4 will show all postal unit boundaries that are in that district. Results: https://gist.github.com/boundaries-io/9dea76566b07c85f24ed3369c61c38f4 Thanks! -Beth.
Tue 5:183/10/17

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